Same-Day Editor

A fast online editorial service

Maybe you'd love to have some suggestions to improve your style and sharpen your prose – advice no spell-checker or grammar-checker will give you – but you baulk at the price of an editor's review.

Our Same-Day Editor can help.

Same-Day Editor is a fast, thorough and inexpensive online service that gives you detailed editorial commentary on your manuscript or draft document.

Trevor Dodd, author, Los Angeles:

"The Same-Day Editor is a very impressive tool. I'd already had help with editing my book. Then I did multiple error checks myself, but still the Same-Day Editor found real errors and made suggestions for improvement. Very, very thorough. I've made significant improvements and am very pleased. I have to say that I've learned a lot from this experience. Very beneficial."

Look at what you get:

  • same-day turnaround
  • hundreds of suggestions for improving your text
  • detailed sentence-by-sentence analysis
  • free second run if you want the analysis to be fine-tuned
  • clearly formatted PDF report
  • fixed price regardless of your document length
  • exceptional value for manuscripts and long documents
  • benefits of a usage-rule database compiled over decades
  • analysis of punctuation, spelling and grammar
  • analysis of homonyms, possessives, plurals and
    frequently misused words
  • analysis of redundancy, wordiness, tautology
  • analysis of cliché, pretentious, trite and vague terms
  • analysis of contractions, colloquialism, jargon and
    archaic terms
  • analysis of slang, gender-specific and offensive terms
  • complete confidentiality and privacy assured
  • secure SSL payment system

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Within hours, sometimes minutes, we'll send you an abridged Same-Day Editor report generated from your text. You'll see the helpful sentence-by-sentence breakdown and detailed analysis of a full Same-Day Editor report.

Purchase a full Same-Day Editor report

Same-Day Editor report

Only $124 AUD. Other services can charge you ten to twenty times as much.

The full service applies some fifty types of analysis and lets you fine-tune the report to the points that really matter to you.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Spell-check your document

Good spelling greatly improves the validity of our editorial comments.

2. Order by credit card or PayPal

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3. Email your document to us

NB: Tell us whether you require British or American editorial style. This affects how some punctuation and colloquialisms, for example, are treated.

When we receive your document we'll run the analysis and send you a complete sentence-by-sentence Same-Day Editor report.